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HOW TO PLAY: Try to get the cheese out from the mousetrap without setting it off. To get the cheese out, simply drag the cheese to the top of the mousetrap. Be careful! If you move too quickly you might set off the mousetrap. If you can beat all 15 levels then you are definitely as sneaky as a mouse. A yellow light means that you are halfway to setting off the trap. An orange light means you are really close to setting it off. If either of these lights are on, slow down! Once the trap snaps, it's game over. SIMULATOR: All the fun of playing with a real mousetrap, minus the injuries. Tap the trap side to snap, swipe down to reset. DEMOUSER: A high pitched sonic blast to scare away mice and unwelcome company.K-WORK SAYS:Even if you don't like the Mousetrapp game, this is without question the most realistic mousetrap simulation app available. You don't always have a mousetrap handy to play with, so now there's an app for that. Also the "Demouser" is also a great way to annoy anyone, I guarantee it.If you have ideas about how to make this game better, please let me know in the comments section or shoot me an email. This is my first app and I'd like for it to be as good as it can be. Thanks for your support.

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