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The Movie Character QuizSo, you recognise all those characters but can you remember their names? Can you recall Rocky’s surname? What about the first name of Mr McFly? This quiz is full of fun, and consists of seven levels. You can use the hints to help you. Simple but FunPlaying the game is really simple – just look a the picture, and name the character – we have used the names as they appear on imdb, and we are very forgiving :)Structure – Seven levels – Levels 1-6 contain 45 Apps each – Level 7 contains 56 Apps for you to identify – Wonderful fresh user-friendly interface – Chilled out music to make it a calming experienceDon’t worryIf you get stuck, you can always use the hints available. If you still can’t move on, you can purchase more hints or unlock all levelsHintsIf you cannot guess the character, then there are three hints available. The first is the name of the movie that the character is from, the second is the actor who played the character and the third is the structure of the character’s name that you are looking for.DisclaimerAll actors and characters, and movies shown or represented in this game are copyright and or trademark of their respective corporations. This trivia game is for fun and knowledge. Please note that pictures of the actor, the name of the movie, and the character picture itself, has been sourced from a public domain, and is protected by copyright and/or trademark registration. We believe the use of low-resolution images in this app for the use of identification in a positive and informational context qualifies as fair use under Copyright law. Any other uses of the images elsewhere may be copyright infringement.

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