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Released earlier in vocabulary learning device functionality and performance even in the newly upgraded MOVIE CHINESE serves.Excuse me for saying this since before the first will be introduced.Feel the danger of living on ad version (^ ^ ;) was compelled to launch a paid version. Do not buy at all, but the burden was formulated as a minimal amount of advertising that was located at the newly added features and functions that are frequently used function button by placing the pieces fit together the efficiency of learning new heights due to the loading rack raised ad or not a program error that you feel is worth it enough doeni.Beginner to intermediate end of the process of gasineunbun. It needs to study the materials do not have deserved this?? Yes, really. Intermediate skills is the time ... yieolssanman hagoiteulsun eopjyanahyo From now on, please gongbuhaebo movie movie MOVIE CHINESE wahamkke Try to master Chinese ambassadorAll lines of a movie in a sentence ssok learner-tucked.All ambassadors younghwasok foster the correct pronunciation of native teachers in the hardest to record and film actors can learn the exact pronunciation.Chinese sentence above, as well as with key words in a sentence by showing the meaning of words dictionary helps you do not need to know.Repeat 'function from the previous version and interpretation of the sentence did not (Korean), the first play features have been added.Unique! Best Chinese learner! Try just one months vary the level of Chinese.

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