MPM -Mobile Project Mngr Trial


MPM is THE android project management app! New improved UI!MPM is still the ONLY app for creating new projects that you can import (using XML or Excel) into MS Project or OpenProj!Highlights include:-import from mpp, xml, or Excel files-Unlimited nesting of tasks -Multiple predecessors-HTML/Excel Gantt reporting-set up tasks as child or predecessors, even multiple predecessors!-export/import Excel – use to share with your team!-HTML summary report-link files, contacts,notes, etc-Import/Export MS Project format – as XML or Excel -List dependent tasks-Link to contacts assigned when they match first and last name – your resources can then be called or emailed for a status report in just a couple of clicks! -Search tasks within your task sync for online task management and reminders*-Supports app 2 sd installs to sdcard (Froyo – 2.2 OS or higher)- Gr8 4 PMP- Resources management incl a unique view of tasks assigned- quickly see all open recent & upcoming tasks across projectsThis is a TRIAL version. As such, it is limited in number of uses after a point and the number of tasks that can be imported is restricted as well as a few features only available in full version. This is not a ‘free’ version, it is a trial. It also has ads.Please visit the website for tips and update information – especially for instructions on import and export functionality!Important note: Before upgrading from this trial, rememberto export projects you want to save and then import into full version before you uninstall the trial.Use the import and export features for your project team to update each other on status. Use MPM to message your project team. For any contacts in your address book that have an email address, there is a feature to automatically address an email to them from a task – even multiple contacts assigned to that task. Privacy policy:Contact and other personal information referenced by our software is never stored or used by Hawkmoon Software. It is referenced solely for the stated usage to support the features of the software. This is guaranteed.Disclaimers:*Hawkmoon Software and are not affiliated and neither endorses the other** MPM is designed for project management professionals yet is offered without warranty for any fitness of purpose but we welcome any feedback to

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