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The edit function of recording data was added in Ver2.0.0. Creation of data under voice, etc. can be performed newly in the trimming of the recorded data, and the two or more appointed section. Moreover, also in size with recorded big data, the section is specified and transmission of e-mail can be performed. Voices on Voice is an application which can record two or more sounds (sound source) in piles (multiplex recording). It can be used for a voice memo, practice of a song, etc. in various scenes. Moreover, since the sound effect is prepared, slightly interesting recording is made. A sound effect specifies the voice file prepared by itself, and since it can reproduce a maximum of 5 files simultaneously, it can enjoy concert by one person. Directions for use(1) A click of a recording button will display a source sound source selection screen. (2) Choose the source sound source used as a base. A source sound source is the file recorded with the music file or another voice recorder. You may not specify. (3) Choose a multiplex recording pattern on a recording screen. A pattern can be changed to arbitrary timing. (4) Utter voice toward a microphone. (5) A sound effect will be reproduced if it is necessity. (6) Perform multiplex recording, repeating (3), (4), and (5). + Multiplex recording function Multiplex recording is the following three patterns and can change these to arbitrary timing. (1) Record a source sound source and a mike input in piles. (Sync)(2) Insert and record a mike input to the arbitrary position of a source sound source. (Replace)(3) Replace and record the specific range of a source sound source by a mike input. (Insert) The voice file which can be specified as a source sound source has the following formats. "wav","3gp","mp4","mp3", "amr","flv","wma" + Recording data edit function Two or more sections are set up from the recorded data, and the following operation can be performed. (1) Change an order of the section. (2) E-mail transmission of the section (3) Create a WAVE file newly in the section. (4) Repeat reproduction of the section (5) Give a title for every section. (6) They are preservation and reading about the set-up section. + Sound effect (Effect) A sound effect is renewable to arbitrary timing. It can reproduce to five simultaneously and loop reproduction is also possible for a sound effect. Since the volume of a sound effect has been independent of a source sound source, it can perform fade-in (fade in) and fade-out (fade out). The sound effect can register voice files with an arbitrary user other than the data beforehand bundled with this application as a sound effect. The voice file which can be specified has the following formats. "wav","3gp","mp4","mp3", "amr","flv","wma" + Folder management Arbitrary names can be attached to the folder of 11 prepared beforehand and used. Moreover, the recorded data (project) is movable to another folder. – Share function The recorded data can be transmitted to other terminals, PC, etc. by e-mail etc. + Permission – RECORD_AUDIO (for recording) – INTERNET (for data transmission) – WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (for the preservation to SD card) + Checking of operations – Operation is checked from the following model. – Sharp AquosPhone SH-01D (Android2.3) – Docomo Galaxy S (Android2.2) – AU XPERIA ACRO(Android2.3) + In addition to this – Please use it henceforth [ Android2.2 ]. – Please use the screen size or more by 480X800. – The recording for a maximum of 3 hours is possible. – Data storage is saved at /mnt/sdcard/external_sd/.VoicesOnVoice. – When external_sd does not exist, it is saved at /mnt/sdcard/.VoicesOnVoice. – Refer to the following URL for a manual.

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