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Munching Monsters is a free strategy puzzle racing game where the objective is to race against your opponent around a maze trying to eat the majority of the food. Watch out for traps and nasty surprises. Use logic to find the best route to take.You can navigate your monster by touch screen touching in the direction you wish to move, press up, down left or right, note your monster only moves in straight lines so you can only touch inline directly below, inline directly above, inline directly to the left and inline directly to the right. For best control touch inline up,down,left or right at the furthest point. You may also use the motion sensor, hold your phone in your hand with the screen facing the sky and tilt to the left to move left, tilt to the right to move right, tilt forwards to move up and tilt backwards to move down. Please note you must turn off motion sensor to use touch screen to do this in the game when playing tap the black text, at the top left of the screen, which says "MOTION MODE" and the motion sensor will toggle between on and off. Text will actually change to "MOTION MODE" or "TOUCH MODE". Further updates coming soon enjoy. Features-Motion Controlled support(Tilt phone in direction to move).-Cool graphics-Touch Screen support-Dynamically generated levels different each time you play-Cool effects-Speech effects-Multi-player over wifi (NEW (BETA))-Free AppMULTI PLAYER OVER WIFI ADDED-Instructions: Connect 2 Android devices to a WIFI router, load Munching Monsters on each android device, Select the "PLAY GAME" option on both devices then select "MULTI-PLAYER GAME" for both devices. Next Select the "WIFI" option for both devices, At this stage you must assign one device the server the other the client (it does not really matter which device is which). If device A you selected "Server" then device B you should select "Client" Click the server button first for device A then click the "CLIENT" button for Device B. The server device should pause while the client device will ask you for the IP address of the server device type this in (should be something like 192.168.x.y) and select ok. Both the client and server device should launch into the game and you can begin playing Munching Monsters with your friend.If you do not know your Wifi IP address for the server device you can find out by going to the "SETTINGS" option in your Android OS and select the "Wireless & Networks" option then select "Wi-Fi Settings" and clik on the network you are connected to a dilog box should pop up and provide you with your IP address. Features coming soon-Multi-Player over Bluetooth (support up to 4 players)-Many more levels (100).-Speech Controlled support-Multi-player over 3gNotification will be given when update is available.

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