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Are you tired of keeping track of your current hero’s level using a piece of paper or your mighty brain? Fear no more, "MunchLevel" comes to your aid.It’s simple, intuitive and all you need to use it is one finger – although at least a little bit of brain would be helpful;-).Additionally from being able to count to 10, it can also roll a dice, keep track of your sex and fight against monsters. Well to be honest you still have to fight for yourself but the app will tell you wether you life or die. At the end of the game you get highly sophisticated statistical computations. These algorithmns can determine with a very high probability the winner and most dizzed player of the game. And it gets even better: MunchLevel now has Multiplayer Support. If you want you can use these app not only for yourself but share it with your friends.Since tastes differ, the app provides up to 4 different themes (Wesnoth, Gladiator, Guitar Hero, Lindwurm Hunter) that provide a whole new user experience.Note: This app is NOT a stand-alone game! It is a game aid for any game were counters are required: Munchkin (TM), Munchkin (TM) Quest, Magic the Gathering (TM), …)

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