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* Rhythm Game with Songs on the Phone* [Game Features]Plays off of music file that are stored in the user’s phone. Adjustable play time – user can choose to play the full song, or just a portion of it.Difficulty levels (EASY, NORMAL, HARD) available3 speed settings to fit user’s tasteLocal ranking availableDiffers from the traditional rhythm game mood and storyUser friendly interface [How to play]1. Players choose their appropriate difficulty and play time from the options menu2. Press Play to bring up your mp3 list3. Choose a song 4. When the game starts, cats(notes) will start to fall toward the bottom of the screen.5. When the cats are near the magic circle touch the corresponding circle.6. If you have HP when the song ends, the stage is cleared.[Story]King Lubel, leader of the Dohgs, one day stumbled on a mysterious music box.The song playing out from the music box spread across the kingdom, bringing peace and prosperity.The greedy King Thifu, ruler of the Cahts, heard of its mystical powers, and started a war to claim the music box. The Cahts, unable to breach the sturdy wall of the Dohgs, set up catapults to shoot soldiers into the castle to claim the music box. The Dohg's defences were failing, and King Lubel seeked aid from the great wizard Merlin. In short notice, Merlin completes a new magic spell to ward of the bombarding attackers...  

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