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DeveloperBaidu Inc.
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【应用描述】你可曾为观看网络视频太卡而焦急生气?你可曾为某一个视频网站资源太少而要下载多家视频网站的软件?你可曾想过是否会有这样一款软件能够提供给你最全、最新、最热、最流畅的视频体验?现在,你找到了,它就是百度视频!★全新推出★【雷达功能】,一键就能知道你周围的人在看什么,快来体验吧~★特色服务★【最好的服务】百度视频是国内最全最强大的视频播放器,快速播放、高清画质、高速下载、离线观看,省流量、无广告! 【汇聚】最新电影、电视剧、动漫、卡通、美剧、韩剧、游戏、体育、综艺、MV、新闻…你想看的,这里都有!【整合】PPS、爱奇艺、乐视、优酷、土豆、快播、搜狐视频、新浪视频、腾讯视频等全网视频网站资源!【热门电影】中国合伙人、钢铁侠、致青春、速度与激情、一路向西、疯狂原始人、北京遇上西雅图、毒战【热门电视剧】陆贞传奇、宝贝、大宅门1912、包青天指开封奇案、爱的创可贴、一吻定情、甄嬛传、盛夏晚晴天【热门动漫】火影忍者、海贼王、进击的巨人、尸兄、妖精的尾巴、十万个冷笑话、熊出没、我叫mt、死神【热门综艺】快乐大本营、中国梦之声、中国最强音、百变大咖秀、非诚勿扰、中国星跳跃、星跳水立方、康熙来了、我是歌手、舞出我人生、天天向上★5大功能亮点护体★【影音模式】点击首页“影音模式”进行影视搜索,会有更多神秘惊喜,亲,你懂的! 【离线观看】地铁、公交信号不好?心疼流量费?离线观看功能为无网环境创造流畅观看的可能,再也不用纠结流量! 【权威热榜】千万网民共同打造最权威的视频排行榜,热门看点趋势一手掌握! 【语音搜索】君子动“口”毋须动“手”,搜索可以更简单! 【播放升级】播放体验大幅提升,针对不同手机深度优化播放体验,常用视频格式全部支持[Application DescriptionYou can watch online video was a card and anxious too angry?You worked a certain video sites can be too few resources and a number of video sites to download software?Have you ever wondered whether there would be such a software can give you the most complete, latest, hottest, most smooth video experience?Now, you find that it is Baidu video!★ ★ 【launched a new radar function], a key will be able to know the people around you to see what, come and experience it ~★ ★ Special ServicesBest service】 【Baidu video is the most complete of the most powerful video player, fast play, high quality, high-speed downloading, offline viewing, provincial traffic, no ads![Together] the latest movies, TV shows, anime, cartoons, drama, drama, games, sports, arts, MV, news ... you want to see, here are![Integration] PPS, love Fantastic Art, music television, Youku, potatoes, Nora, Sohu, Sina, Tencent video and other video sites the whole network resources![Hot movie] Chinese partner, Iron Man, causing youth, speed and passion, all the way west, crazy primitive, Beijing met in Seattle, drugs war[TV] Lu Zhen popular legend, baby, Big House 1912, Kaifeng arbiter means mystery, love the band-aid, a kiss tokens, Zhen Huan Chuan, sunny late summer[Popular Anime] Naruto, One Piece, attack of the giant, dead brother, fairy tail, one hundred thousand joke, bear infested, I called mt, Death[Popular Arts] Happy Camp, China Dream Sound, China strongest voice, great coffee Variety show, You Are the One, Chinese star jumps, star diving Cube, Kangxi came, I am a singer, dance out of my life, every day★ 5 ★ big feature highlights body care[Audio Mode] Click Home "AV mode" for video search, there will be more mysterious surprises, pro, you know![Watch] Offline metro, bus signal is not good? Distressed traffic charges? Offline viewing functions as network environment without the possibility of creating smooth viewing, no longer tangled traffic!Hot List】 【authority millions of Internet users together to create the most authoritative video list, Popular Aspect trends in one hand![Voice Search] gentleman "mouth" no action "hand", the search can be more simple!【Play】 playback experience dramatically upgraded, optimized for different mobile depths playback experience, support all common video formats

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