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MW3 Guns!Have a gun battle with friends and co-workers!Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 style!✔ All the weapons featured in MW3✔ High quality images for each weapon!✔ High quality fire and reload sounds for each weapon!✔ Vibration effect with each bullet fired.✔ Shake to fire!★★★★★ List of included guns ★★★★★== Assault Rifles ==- M4A1- M16A4- SCAR-L- CM901- Type 95- G36C- ACR 6.8- MK14- AK-47- FAD== Pistols ==- USP- P99- MP-412- .44 Magnum- Five Seven- Desert Eagle== Machine Pistols ==- FMG-9- MP9- Skorpion- G18== Shotguns ==- USAS 12- KSG 12- AA12- SPAS-12- Striker- Model 1887== Submachine Guns ==- MP5- UMP- PP90M1- P90- PM9- MP7 == Light Machine Guns ==- L86 LSW- MG36- PKP Pecheneg- MK46- M60E4== Sniper Rifles ==- Barret 50 cal- L118A- Dragunov- AS50- RSASS- MSR== Launchers ==- SMAW- Javelin- Stinger- XM25- M320 GLM- RPGCheck out our other gun apps:★ MW3 Guns - Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 Guns ★★ MW2 Guns - Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 Guns ★★ Battlefield 3 Guns ★★ Halo Reach Guns ★★ Black Ops Guns + Zombie Guns ★★ CS Guns - Counter Strike Guns ★Check out our other apps:★ Call of Duty : Black Ops Info ★★ Call of Duty MW3 Guide & Intel ★★ Battlefield 3 Guide & Info ★★ Grand Theft Auto 4 Guide GTA4 ★★ Mortal Kombat Moves & Guide ★★ Mario Kart 7 Cheats & Guide ★

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