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This year there is also a collection of Android pins distributed by the stands of Google's partners at the Mobile World Congress. If you are planning to obtain all of them, this application may help you by showing you the list of the 86 different pins, and tracking which ones you do have, and how many copies of each of them.Also, you can use it to send messages to the social networks like Twitter or Google+, in order to ask for the pins you have not find, or for helping other people by offering to trade your repeated copies, or by indicating where you have obtained a pin. The application uses the hashtag #MWCPinHunter each time a message is sent, so people in Twitter or Google+ can follow the events.--- INSTRUCTIONS ---1. Click on the collection (only the Android 2012 at this time)2. Pins are ordered showing the first the ones you do not own, and then the ones you do- 2.1 Also, the ones you own will appear with a tick symbol3. Select a pin to go to its edit page where...- 3.1 You can ask for pin that you do no own by sending a predefined tweet (you will need a Twitter or Google+ client in order to perform this action)- 3.2 You can check it, if you have obtained it-- 3.2.1 You now can help other people sharing with the location of the pin (you will need a Twitter or Google+ client in order to perform this action)-- 3.2.2 You can indicate the number of repeated copies you have--- You now can trade the copies, if any (you will need a Twitter or Google+ client in order to perform this action)Permissions required:2 required permissions to install the application. Both are used to check for internet connection to open the application on the market. Nothing more.DISCLAIMERTHIS APPLICATION COMES WITH NO WARRANTY AT ALL, NEITHER EXPRESS NOR IMPLIED.USE AT YOUR DISCRETION

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