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My Anchor Watch aims at being the best and most reliable Safety Tool of its kind for sailors and yachters. Extremely low battery consumption was a high priority design requirementMy Anchor Watch is your personal Anchor Watch. It is easy to use, and will give you peace of mind while at anchor. One of the best apps for anchoring. For sail- and power-boatsIt has more features than similar apps costing more than twice as much!Please note that GPS performance and accuracy is determined by your device's hardware, and not by this App. If you experience bad accuracy or many false Alarms, you should try to move the device to another place, e.g. on deckIF YOU ARE ANCHORING AT E.G. 30 FT, USE AT LEAST 90 FT CHAIN, AND SET DRIFT LIMIT TO AT LEAST 130 FTNew feature: Option to Set Anchor Position 'by Projection' after your boat has drifted to the end of the cable/chainNew feature: Optional ALARM SECTOR. Can also be used as Tide/Wind Change AlarmSet up an Alarm Sector to avoid other boats, rocks, shallow water, or simply to get a notification of a change of wind directionMy Anchor Watch makes sure that you are alerted if the anchor fails to hold, and starts draggingWhen you are lying in your bunk at night, you can easily use My Anchor Watch to check that the boat is still where you expect it to beThe battery is conserved by having the app running in the background, and by letting the user optionally configure a slow (selectable) GPS Update RateAfter the Anchor has been set, you can close the User Interface screen, letting My Anchor Watch continue running in the background, saving power. After a while you will learn to interpret the various warning sounds, such as the GPS Status Warning signalWhen your boat exceeds the Drift Limit ("Scope"), or enters the optional Alarm Sector - both set by you, an Alarm is activatedAccess to the Internet or a Telephone Network is normally not required. If you want My Anchor Watch to send SMS Messages, however, you need access to the Telephone Network(*) NOTE that reception of SMSs will NOT work on tablets without a SIM card, but Messages from this App can now be SENT by Email (if the device has access to Internet)My Anchor Watch can also be used as an Emergency NavigatorHave it with you at all times, also when you are a guest on other yachts. For your own sake, and for the safety of your host and his crew. Help them to stop worrying about their anchorFeatures:- GPS Reception- Display of Boat and Anchor Position- Display of GPS Status and Accuracy- Display of GPS Track History- Display of User Settings- A Graphical Swing View shows how your boat is swinging- Alarm when boat exceeds set Drift Limit, comes into Alarm Sector, or at GPS failure- Vibrator Alarm- Audible Alarm- Optional selection of your own Audible Anchor Alarm sound/signal/tune- Optional Automatic Resetting of the Anchor Alarm (when the Alarm Condions become false)- Audible and Visual Warnings at non-fatal GPS issues (such as poor accuracy and temporary unavailability)- Optional sending of an SMS or Email message to another phone at various Alarm events- Sending an SMS or Email Status Message (including the Boat Position (in the selected Format), Alarm Status and all other Statuses and Settings) when an SMS is received from another phone - with the selected/settable Password- All sounds and indications are configurable- Configurable GPS Update Rates (can even be set to 0)- Optional Manual Check of Drift at any time- Configurable Position Formats- Optional Shaking of phone available to Reset the Alarm- Selectable Nautical Units- Bearing Compass- Optional False Alarm Filters (experimental)- All configuration settings are permanently saved- All processing done in the Background- Low Battery consumption - Optional use as an Emergency NavigatorNote that for the Blackberry, there is another app with the same name, with which we are not affiliated. Please refer to

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