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Handy App to help you keep tabs on your Bank Account Balance!My Balance is a simple, straight forward, App that allows you to have easy access to your current Bank Account Balance. Your Account Balance is stored within a Tiny Database in the App within your phone and you may ADD or SUBTRACT Deposits or Payments as these transactions are made.*This Paid Edition of the My Balance App is our ADD Free version.• Current Bank Account Balance is “User Defined”• Facilitates Real-Time knowledge and awareness of your current Bank Account Balance• Know and have quick, easy, access to your current bank account balance, right down to the penny, at all times• Prevent overdraft charges by always knowing your exact, up-to-date bank account balance• Many Banks provide online access and/or an App for Bank Account information, however often times the data within these Banking Websites or Apps is either not current, or does not include pending transactions, scheduled bill payments, or outstanding check payments• “User Defined” transactions allow My Balance to account for fuel payments made at gas stations whereby the Bank Website and/or App would only show a temporary $1.00 charge, whereas the fuel purchase amount is actually beyond the $1.00 charge• My Balance allows you to keep a transaction-based view of your actual Bank Account balance based upon the actual real-time transactions that occur through your daily payment or deposit transactions• This App also allows you to account for checks that have been sent in the mail to pay bills that have not yet cleared the bank• Further, scheduled payments made within bank website “Bill Pay” applications can be accounted for and included within your current balance that displays within the My Balance AppGetting Started1. Purchase & Download the My Balance – Elite edition App.2. Launch the App.3. When the My Balance App opens for the very first time, your Current Balance is set to $0.00.4. Select the field that includes the “Enter Deposits or Payments” label to open your phone’s numeric data entry keypad.5. Enter your current bank account balance.6. Close your phone’s numeric data entry keypad and select the (+) Add button to save your current balance.7. That’s it, you’re done! Your current bank account balance is stored and saved within a Tiny Database within your phone.8. Enter payments made or deposits made into the field that includes the “Enter Deposits or Payments” label just as you did when you set your beginning balance and then close your phone’s numeric data entry keypad.9. If the amount entered was for a deposit into your bank account, then select the (+) Add button to add the amount to your current bank account balance. If the amount entered was for a payment or purchase that you made, then select the (-) Subtract button to subtract the amount from your current bank account balance.10. The amount will be added to or subtracted from your current bank account balance depending upon if you selected the (+) Add button or the (-) Subtract button.11. The “Cash Register” sound effect will play as the payment or deposit is applied to your current bank account balance.12. Positive bank account balance amounts will display as green and negative bank account balance amounts will display as red within the “My Current Balance” field.13. Long Click on the Piggy Bank to reset your current balance back to $0.00.14. Enjoy this App & please tell your friends and family to also download and install the “My Balance” App.There are many other personal finance Apps on the market, however this “My Balance” App is specifically designed to be simple, straightforward, and easy to use. This App is intended for people that just want to keep track of the bottom line and have easy access to their exact bank account balance at all times.Like My Balance App on Facebook:

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