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The more work the phone has to do on its own, the quicker its battery life gets eaten up.So we advise you to use this app- My Battery, which will help you prolong your precious battery life. About this app:My Battery is a battery indicator widget for android phones.After adding it to your home screen, you will find a battery bar on the home page.This battery bar will be shown to you all the time. It has residual quantity indicator function, which can real-time display the remaining battery power for users.So you can have a clear idea of your battery each time you return to your home screen.In this way, you will never forget to recharge your battery.As we all know that charging up battery in a timely manner can conserve battery life to a maximum degree. Importance:None of the functions works once the phone¡¯s battery is dead.So we should charge our phone timely.While most of the times, we are too busy to notice that.So just let My Battery to be your reminder. Conclusion:If you also want to have a long-lasting battery life, welcome to free download this app now.Thanks for your support. *************************************************************************** On AdvertisementsAs free app developers, we need the notification ads or icon ads in this app to support our development. Hope you can understand.***************************************************************************

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