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Your path to thinness is easier than ever!Learn how to win at dieting and overcome the day-to-day difficulties holding you back—with hundreds of helpful and motivational tips. The tips are divided into the "Categories of Difficulties" that you deal with every day: Sweets Craving, Emotional Eating, Workout Laziness,Hunger, Diet Slip, and more . . . My Diet Coach Tips app will help you through the hard times in your diet when you confront food temptation, emotional eating, crave certain foods, don’t want to exercise and other difficulties. The Tips will motivate you, help keep you on track, resist temptations or overcome hurdles which you face. You will have guidelines to handle each situation in order to stick to your weight loss plan. Eventually, My Diet Coach Tips will help you to lose weight faster, and not to gain that weight over again!We all know that in order to lose weight we should consume less calories than we burn. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Do sentences like "I'll start tomorrow", "I can't resist that food", "I don't care about being thin", or "I’ll just have one piece of cake" pop into your brain and ruin your diet efforts? Half of the road to losing weight is sticking to your diet, but the other half is all in your head – start losing weight today! The Diet Coach will help you to resist these destructive thoughts until resisting becomes natural to you! The weight loss process has ups and downs. This app will encourage you to overcome the "downs" and get back on the wagon!My diet coach tips can be upgraded. The upgraded version includes hundreds of additional powerful tips that will help you lose weight faster and easier!, Food cravings panic button filled with motivational texts and pictures.* The extra tips (in the upgraded version) will get you through even more obstacles: Holiday Party, Mindless Eating, Night Hunger, Office Temptations, Diet Excuses, Diet Boredom , Diet Plateau, Watching TV, and much more, Plus tips for specific diets: Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, and HGC Diet tips.My Diet Coach is very simple to use – just touch the button with the hurdle you are facing. Relevant motivational arguments, tips and guidelines with inspiring images will appear. The guidelines can be swiped (left or right) one after the other.The Diet Coach takes into account that different people are motivated by different suggestions. That's why you can rank the motivational arguments and guidelines.This app is different from other apps:• It helps you exactly when you are facing the situation • its main focus is to keep you motivated and help you overcome the obstacles in your mind• It doesn't matter what diet you are on – this app will let you focus on the real hurdles – self discipline, diligence and motivation* some tips contain actions and will encourage you to find healthy recipes, cooking light, watch fitness videos and read diet success stories!* some tips are motivational tips, that will help you to remember and visualize your goal.For example: "Imagine that next year you'll be on the front cover of allure magazine" * You must try it - it has hundreds of excellent weight loss tipsSorry guys – currently the app is only for the ladies

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