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Your Personal Emergency and Safety Alarm.SPECIAL OFFER: 75% OFF FOR A LIMITED PERIOD.Extremely EASY to use. Just press the App's launch SOS Icon to activate the alarm. Then a phone call will automatically be made to a preset number, and an SMS - containing the position of the phone - will be sent to a preset numberThis Safety Alert App is also ideal to protect and keep track of your family. Read about it below:Unlike most similar Apps, this one WORKS ANYWHERE and AT ANY TIME, independent of Internet AccessThis is the ideal App for your loved ones. E.g. your children, spouse and elderly parents. Increase their safety by installing this app on their phone. In case they need help, they just have to press the red SOS alert button, and then a phone call and an SMS (with the position of the phone) will automatically be directed to youYou can get their position at any time, and also make a phone call to them, even if they cannot answer the phone!Also ideal for those who work alone, travel alone, or when you are alone on you way back home after a night on the townIf this App is installed on a family member's phone, and he/she does not answer phone calls, you can get the App to make a special Phone Call to you, which is connected with no manual intervention, in order to talk with the family member, or just to listen to what is going on around the phone. Two types of automatic Incoming "Handsfree" calls are also possible: Normal (Ringing), and Silent. It is comforting to know that you can always make a call to that person, even if he/she is unable to answer the phoneYou can also request the position of the person using this App, by sending it a special SMS. In this way you can always keep track of your family. These advanced features may be disabled, in case the person using the app does not want you to have these possibilitiesThere is NO REGISTRATION and NO MONTHLY FEE. And you do not have to hand over the control of your phone to any one, or any web site. You keep full control over your own phone, and you alone have itWe can now offer you this GREAT App at a price of only a fraction of other/similar unitsTIP: Place the Red SOS Button (Launch Icon) on the Home screen of the phone, so that it is easily seenFeatures:- ONE TOUCH TO ACTIVATE THE ALARM- WORKS EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD (Internet Access not required)- NO REGISTRATION- NO MONTLY FEE- CALLS A PRESET PHONE NUMBER- SENDS AN SMS TO A PRESET PHONE NUMBER, WITH POSITION OF PHONE, etc- SEE POSITION ON A MAP BY CLICKING ON IT- SEND AN SMS TO GET THE APP TO MAKE A PHONE CALL TO YOU- YOU CAN ALSO SEND AN SMS TO THE PHONE, TO REQUEST ITS POSITION- SMS MESSAGES RECEIVED WITH KEYWORD (MEA) WILL BE HIDDEN FROM USER OF APP- SMS KEYWORD CAN BE CHANGED- POSITION OBTAINED BY GPS OR NETWORK (INSIDE BUILDINGS,etc)- DYING GASP (when battery runs out)- USES NO BATTERY (EXCEPT WHEN ALARM IS ACTIVATED)Make sure that Positioning by both GPS and Network are enabled (on the phone's menu: Settings->Location Services)Enter preset phone numbers, etc using MEA Settings (the green separate Droid launch Icon)- Send an SMS to the phone with MEA installed, with the keyword "MEA" and the command word "GetPosition", and get an SMS back after a minute or so, containing the position of the phone- Send it an SMS with the words "MEA CallMe",to get the App to make an outgoing Phone Call to you- Send the words "MEA Help" if you have forgotten the remote SMS command wordsTry it out a few times before you really need itIf you have a problem, turn on Debug Mode (in MEA Settings), to see all information- and error-messages, which may indicate what the problem is. If you still have a problem, send an email to terboel@gmail.comIf you like this app, PLEASE give it a Rating. If you have a problem, PLEASE first send an email to Maybe we can help you. If you only give it a bad rating, we are unable to help you, as we do not know your email address

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