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Your dream is to have an organized fridge but you have some difficulties to manage it?You have always expired products in your fridge?You have some products in your freezer but you don’t know when you bought them?You never remember if you have still butter or milk when you go to the supermarketIf you answer yes, this app is for you! Otherwise, this will probably happen one day!This is what you can do with My Fridge:- You can add products in your fridge, with these attributes: expired date with a reminder (you must to eat it, it’s ringing), picture, buy date, note, bar code, name, quantity.- You have the possibility to create several fridges (fridge 1, fridge 2, freezer,…). Then, you can sort your products by fridge.- When you come back from the supermarket, you can bulk scan all your products. After that, you just have to fill in empty fields.- This app is connected with several providers. So, the most of the fields will be fill in automatically.- You have the possibility to synchronize this app between several devices (mobile, tablet,..).- You can also import and export your fridges in an excel sheet. So, you can, for example, print the list of your products. That will be useful.- You can also look for a product and sort them by name, scan, quantity, buy date and mostly expired date.- You can send your list by email.- If you are using My Caddie: you can send products that you must buy to your shopping list and you can send products from My Caddie to My Fridge- Auto-Download Image: after typing the name if you click on save an image is automatically download.Warning, some functionalities are only available in the paid version.Please visit our website for further information

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