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My Pet Diary, at the moment of good time with my pet, whenever you want to see the growth process of my lovely pet, you can record all the information of your pet in the My Pet Diary.1. put the pet's information - registrate your pet by entering the name, pic, gender, birth, breed of the pet 2. Write a diary - put the information such as title, condition, height, weight, tag, attached file - take a pic or video and attach the files from your phone also you can attach several files to a single diary.3. List - list of the selected pet's diary - at the List page, you can search a diay from the condition, title and tag.4. Calendar - you can see the title of diary at the month calendar at once.5. Gallery - you can see pics atted on the diary by gallery form.6. Chart - Chart shows the pet's growth process(height, weight that you entered on a diary)7. SNS - offer the share function that make you can share the pic with the Facebook on the My Pet Diary.8. Theme - provide 3 theme (Brown, Black, Blue)9. Back up & Restore - you can back up or restore by one kind of pet - back up folder is '/sdcard/MyPetDiary'**Free Version** - support only 2 pets - offer 100 diaries per one pet - maximum 4 attach files on a single diray**Pro Version** - no adds and no limits - 'Pro version' provides restore the backup data from 'Free version'* process of restore to other device *step 1 : backup 1. press long your pet then menu is open 2. click 'backup' 3. if back up process is success then new backup file is placed on '/sdcard/MyPetDiary/Backup/[YOUR PET NAME]_2013(backup date) . pet ex) /sdcard/MyPetDiary/Backup/chuchu_20130112091547.petstep 2 :restore at new phone 1. copy the backup file to the sdcard of new phone at '/sdcard/MyPetDiary/Backup/ ' if folder is not exist then please create this folder 2. copy original photo files of your pet to sdcard of new phone because this backup system can not backup photo data, only can back up text data. so you have to copy the photos to sdcard of new phone at the same path ex) old phone image path : /sdcard/dcim/100MEDIA/img0291.jpg copy to new phone sdcard new phone image path : /sdcard/dcim/100MEDIA/ 3. install 'My Pet Diary' Application 4. run application, click menu button on your phone at the page of the pet list 5. click 'restore' 6. select your backup file 5. restore completed after restore if pet photos do not appear, then recheck path of the photos. or check your default photo viewer app whether pet photo is appear or not if it do well, please try to restore againthanks

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