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We all have some secret contacts, we do not wish others to know about it. This app serves the purpose.Imagine a case. Your wife is playing with your phone, and suddenly your girlfriend calls up! You are dead!We cannot keep our phone with us 24/7. And when it's not with you, and some important contact calls us, your cover blows up!Not anymore. Try our app. Enter the contact number of your secret contacts and the app will block calls & hide all kinds of communication with that contact!The app is disguised as FuzzyBalls. It's a cool wallpaper of bouncing balls. To get inside, just shake your mobile & it will ask you for password. Only you know how to get to the password screen, rest of the people will be totally in the dark as to what this app really is! They'll think that it's just a wallpaper, and will leave the app, without any suspicion!** This is a 15 days trial ***Features1. Block calls. You won't see the screen that let's you pick up the phone. So in case your wife is playing with your phone, and suddenly your girlfriend calls you, your wife won't come to know that your gf is calling you.2. Hides text messages / sms3. Hides call logs4. Backup everything. (xmx & txt format)5. Import feature available (In case you lose your text messages, you can restore them by importing backup files)6. Uncluttered7. Disguised. No one will know what the app really does!8. Notifications are disguised too. 9. Option to disable / enable disguised notifications.10. Internal text sending facility.11. Undo text message feature. 12. You have to create a add phone number manually in this app. It does not interfere with default contact list. That way it's more secure. 13. Option to enable sounds / vibrations on notification.** Some thing is truly secret if no one even knows that such a thing exists! **Privacy is your prime right! Get your "right" right now!

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