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This application is developed and maintained by a team of students from National Chiao-Tung University (NCTU), Hsinchu, Taiwan.這款軟體是由一群國立交通大學的學生所研發並維護的。My Timetable is a highly-customizable timetable to help students keep track of weekly events and classes so that they will never miss anything important. Users can add events, customize colors, and set alarms to remind themselves. My Timetable also gives you the capability to automatically silence or set your phone to vibrate mode during major events, no more loud & awkward incoming calls during meetings or classes.My Timetable 是一款可高度客製化得課程表軟體,使用者可以使用此軟體記錄每周的課程或重要事件。我們希望藉由此軟體,使用者不再上課遲到或錯過重要事件。使用者可以在此軟體中建立事件、自訂各種顏色及設立提示鬧鐘提醒。My Timetable還可以在指定時間區間內將手機鈴聲設為靜音或震動,使來電不再打擾上課或重要會議程序。•A handy timetable application that reminds you of weekly events•Auto-silences your phone during classes or important events•Users can set alarms to remind themselves of upcoming events•Customizable text & background color for events & timetable•Backup & import events to and from SD cards.•Homescreen Widgets•容易使用的課表軟體,藉此提醒使用者每周重要事件•可以設定在上課或重要事件進行時自動將手機設成靜音或震動模式•可以設定鬧鐘藉此提醒即將發生的事件•可自訂事件及課表顏色•可從SD卡匯出或匯入資料•主頁面可設置WidgetsCurrently, this app is only available in the English and Traditional Chinese language, as these are the only 2 languages we know. Sorry for the inconvenience m(_ _)m由於我們只會英文跟繁體中文,目前此軟體只有提供這兩種語言的版本,想要其他語言版本的使用者請見諒 m(_ _)mIf you encounter any unexpected behavior or bugs, or have any other questions, please mail your concerns to the contact information below, we'd love to hear from you, and thank you for your support!如果您在使用時有遇到任何出乎意料的行為或錯誤,或有任何其他問題,請E-mail您的問題給我們,我們非常期待您的指教,並且謝謝您的支持!This app requires a number of permissions. We shall explain why we need them For auto-silencing your phone when a call comes For setting class/event For backing up timetable data to the SD Required to sync with Google Calendar (Under development)android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Same as above.My Timetable會使用到下列的權限,在此解釋需要這些權限的原因及用途:android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE: 事件/課程進行時來電自動靜音android.permission.SET_ALARM: 事件/課程鬧鈴android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: SD卡資料備份android.permission.INTERNET: 與Google日曆同步(開發中)android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: 同上G*mail: littledot5566

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