My Vehicles Control MobileLite


Mobile Version (min resolution 320×480) available in Spanish, Catalonian and English.The purpose of this application is to control the maintenance of your vehicle/s, their costs , and serve as a reference tool and reminder of upcoming maintenances, such as insurance, road tax, annual maintenances, etcHere you can enter data from your vehicle, attach a picture of the technical specifications (Photo of technical sheet) and technical data as controlling recommended tire pressure , type of oil you use, etc. Once the vehicle data is registered , you can access the maintenance entry through prerecorded concepts in the application which you can modify or add as to your liking. Optionally, you can enter the workshop data, usual service companies or web stores, and identify them when you enter any maintenance. This allows you to get all the statistics of them.Available Pro version with:-Unlimited number of vehicles.-Direct printing via Google Cloud Print.-Pdf documents creation through Google Drive (account required)

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