My Widget! You make it!


Want a Widget that could look like and be everything you ever wanted? Look no further!My Widget! Is the ultimate widget for those of us who like to make our Android home screens look absolutely amazing! Choose between 65 cool fonts, add any color you like, add the format of the text and then the size, position and much more and you will have exactly the widget you want! You can choose between showing the date, the time, and battery status, storage information or even create your own text!Supported features:*Customize 2 text in the same widget!*Change text size.*Change XY position of text.*Shadow effects, including intensity, and position.*Backgroud effects, including trancparency and color.*Change color of text, background and shadow.*Text trancparency.*Choose between 65 cool fonts.*Add cool extras like frames or ninjas. *Display time, date, battery, storage or even your own text.*And much more! It

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