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Learn fundamental principles in Epidemiology and have fun while doing it! Epidemiology calculations at the palm of your hand!*** Interested in epidemiology and data analysis? ****** Visit me at ***myEpiTable performs common epidemiological calculations using a familiar 2x2 contingency table interface. Most tools currently available online have applications not designed for a mobile device. myEpiTable is a standalone application that presents information in a user-friendly, easy-to-understand format. myEpiTable goes beyond point estimates and produces asymptotic 95% confidence intervals! This application is perfect for students and professionals in medical, public health, nursing, and mathematics disciplines. Use it to perform calculations, verify results, or impress your friends and colleagues.The Lite version of myEpiTable is a functionally restricted application; however, the Pro version has the following features:ANALYZE THE FOLLOWING 2X2 TABLE DESIGNS• Traditional exposure-outcome table (cohort and case-control)*• Intervention studies (clinical trials)• Incidence density tables with person-time• Misclassification tables for diagnostic testing• Matched case-control studies• Interrater agreementGENERATE THESE STATISTICS AND EFFECT MEASURES (and more!)• Prevalence (of exposure, outcome)*• Risk of outcome in exposed and unexposed groups*• Risk ratio (RR)*• Odds ratio (OR)*• McNemar's OR (for matched studies)• Attributable risk (AR)• Population attributable risk percent (PARP)• Number needed to treat (NNT)• Sensitivity, specificity• Predictive value positive (PPV) and predictive value negative (NPV)• Likelihood ratio tests• Percent agreement, percent positive agreement, Chamberlain's PPA, Kappa*currently available in the Lite versionI love you?KEYWORDSEpidemiology, 2x2, 2-by-2, contingency table, biostatistics, public health, odds ratio, risk ratio, analysis, calculator, sensitivity, specificity, kappa, incidence, case-control, cohort, clinical trial

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