<div id="doc-original-text">MyPV<p>■ Android App &quot;MyPV&quot; Service overview<p>MyPV are free to create playlists from popular music videos from around the world, is a free app that can play continuously.<br>Rankings can be viewed by country, add to the playlist just like music videos can be played continuously.<br> <br>Based on the latest chart single top, you can view the rankings form music video. The search results on YouTube, and create a playlist, you can play continuously.<br> <br>Please enjoy your own list of the world in the latest PV MyPV.<br> <br>■ Android App &quot;MyPV&quot; The main function of<p>- Continuous Play<p>1. Popular music videos play consecutively<br>You can playback popular music videos from around the world. You can see the latest ranking PV eight countries.<br>2. Continuous playback video list<br>You can playback the video that appears in search results.<p>- Create a playlist<p>1. Registered in the playlist a list of videos<br>You can add video to a playlist that appears in search results. You can add up to 100 videos in one playlist.<br>2. Register and select a video playlist<br>Choose your favorite videos from a video that appears in search results, you can add to the playlist<br>You can also add bulk to multiple selections.<p>- Playlist<p>1. Continuous Play Playlists<br>You can play videos continuously enrolled in the playlist.<br>2. Edit the order of continuous video playback<br>Registered video playlists, you can edit the playback order.<p>Additional features of the next version up when we plan the following.<br>Released in mid-October version of the iPhone.<p>■ Twitter<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a> # mypv_android<p>■ Contact Us<br>Please contact us at the following URL you have any questions or comments about the application.<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><p>※ If you can not tap the URL above query, the bottom of the page &quot;Send an email to the developer,&quot; please contact us<p>-Keyword<br>Ranking Tube, Oricon, Billboard, Billboard, tubemate, youtube, downloader, tubex, videos smiling, tubed, akb48, youku, clipbox, tube mate, downloads, YouTubeStream, youtubestream</div>

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