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What is mySlate For Kids?mySlate For Kids is an interactive game which helps preschoolers to learn the following1. What English alphabets are2. How to spell the alphabets3. How to write the alphabets using multiple electronic crayons4. Examples of objects which begin with the alphabets5. Connect the dots and form an object6. Know the colors7. Practice the alphabets on a black board.At Excellencia Innovations, we aim to make the learning process simple and effective without charging huge amounts to the subscribers. For that reason, we have removed all the setting buttons and have included them on the main screen either via touch buttons or by certain accelerometer actions.The main features of this game are • Spelling alphabets – Alphabet Flashcard• Learning to write with multi colored crayons• Know the colors• Examples for alphabets• Dot Game• Black Board• Erasing the colors by either pressing the button or “Throwing the colors on the ground”(See how to throw the colors in the demo section)We are offering a trial version where in you can evaluate the product and buy it.This is a perfect gift for your child!For any suggestions/issues please feel free to contact us on

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