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PRICE DROP: ONLY 99 CENTS! WE RECOMMEND YOU TO TAKE A LOOK AT VIDAONE LIFESTYLE OR VIDAONE LIFESTYLE PRO FOR MORE FEATURES!The most comprehensive fitness software is available for your Android phone with a complete set of features to track every detail of your gym workouts, indoor cardio and outdoor activities, plus numerous features to track your fitness, FOR ONLY 99 CENTS!MySportTraining was developed 10 years ago on other smartphones (and PC), and was enhanced by feature requests from health-conscious, sports enthusiasts and athletes since then. The result is simply the BEST fitness app for your Smartphone. Here are some of the features you will find:- Easily track your gym workouts to measure your progress. Track varying sets, super sets, rest periods, equipment, RPE, all the details you need to get to your next level.- Use the muscle chart to find new exercises for specific muscle groups.- Log your indoor cardio and see how many calories and fat you burn.- Use the integrated GPS recorder for your outdoor activities to keep track of your pace and the distance you cover.- Time and record your laps to keep your pace steady.- Super-charge your fitness by tracking your cardio interval training.- Record your weight, body measurements and other vitals to build a health history and identify changes over time.- Enter as little or as much information as you need, any time, any day, multiple times per day too!- Plan and review your workouts with the integrated, effort- colored calendar.- Analyze every aspect of your workouts and health history using flexible and stunning charts.- Personalize it with your activities, your exercises, your routes, etc. MySportTraining come with some activities, exercises and intervals to get you started, and lets you add your very own.- Eliminate the guesswork and automatically track the distance and usage of your workout gear to know when to adjust or replace them to achieve the best results.- Find your training zones for optimum workout training.- Stay motivated by reviewing your personal best achievements.- Make backup on your storage card- Sync your data on your PC to add more information, get a clear assessment of your efforts, print charts and reports, and also track your family and other people too! Requires VidaOne Diet & Fitness (sold separately)- And all your data stays with you. No web, no username, no ads, no Internet connection required. It's safe, secure, personal and private.There's so much more that we've written a very complete user manual that details all the features MySportTraining has for you: And if there's a feature you'd like to see, email us at We listen!Whether your are a health-conscious person, sport enthusiast or an athlete, MySportTraining has something for you. Get fit, stay fit, and keep track of it with MySportTraining. Start today!If you experience any issue with the software, make sure to contact us first so that we can diagnose and fix the issue, and post a free upgrade. In particular, if you experience an issue when adding a workout, please contact us.

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