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Naver soaring popularity real issues of real-time query and then query ranking functions and search capabilities to quickly use a more lightweight aepipnida made.And you want to bookmark web pages can be shared easily.Favorite Web page bookmarks. If you have a funny story, and Web seopingjung share them with your friends.Favorite Home Cafe Blog Forum Bookmark and real-time queries to either report ranking web pages and share them with friends.By default, the bookmarks provided by the user modify / delete can be. They just want to surf the web bookmark bookmark your own, change it to fit.version 1.0.0Real-time popular Naver search term rankingsResults for the real-time priority issuesNaver search autocompleteThe auto-complete searchBookmark a webpageDownload ImagesShare web pagesSearch App Market- The default bookmark the page (delete the user edit / add can be).Naver HomeNext HomeNate HomeNaver SportsThe following sportsPowerball winning numbersSounds likeSearch YouTube: PororoPandora TV:: One Piece Anime- Functional Description1. Naver real-time search results and soaring popularity, and then issue real-time search results.ㅇreal popular searches (Naver)Full real-time search rankings / movies / characters / foreign actor / Performance / Drama / TV / BooksㅇDaumSearch the entire real issue Rank / movies / characters / books / travel / QReal-time query ranking results can be viewed in real time.(To minimize data usage to get the results to the cache 30 seconds gently.)2. Naver / search auto-complete support for the following:Naver / The following website will have the same results.(Auto-completion to minimize the amount of data over a letter when it is running the auto-complete feature.)3. Favorites, bookmarksFavorites Bookmark your favorite finds in the press byeolbeoteuneul will be added to the page.Press the + button on the top of the bookmark directly by typing the URL, you can add bookmarks.Edit Bookmarks button on the top of the page has already been saved bookmarks to edit / delete can be.4. Category / TagClassified according to support filtering and classification / tag you also edit / delete can be.5. webview (If you do not want to use apps wepbyu included setting out in the Browser you are using.)Wepbyu embedded appsmp3 / aod streaming audio playback support.mp4 / 3gp / vod / youtube / html5 streaming video playback support.Bookmark the current page / page sharing.Images of the current page download.Gut webview want to inconvenience the user does not publish advertisements.6. Naver popular, and then issue queries ranking pages / search page / bookmark page / Bookmark page / category pagesUsing the Pager interface moving sweep (slightly sideways drag) to transition smoothly and quickly and easily can be7. There are many parts still need improvements. Many members ask.KeywordsNaver KeywordsReal-time zoomResults for the following issuesReal-time ResultsSearchesReal-time search rankingsNaver searchThe following searchBookmarks

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