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Natural Shopping is a young pretty simple but efficient shopping lists manager. That application is probably the more convenient and functional among the other tools of its category. Here are the features in the free version :=========================================- clear, nice and intuitive interface,- translated in English, French, German and Spanish,- support of Article categories,- support of unities and quantities,- support of main currencies,- database storage in device or in SD card (easy to share databases between devices),- fast sorting aphabetically / by categories of Articles or Needs,- fast filtering by categories of Articles- realtime status : progress of picked Needs and list amount,- realtime search engine in Articles tab,- support of money-off coupons,- ability to attach note and/or picture (from an integrated snapshot application) for each Need- compatible since Android 1.6 version and further,- and many more .....Please note advertisements are present in the free limited version, and only the default list can be used.Here are the features existing in the full version :==================================================- multiple lists support, lists manager and manipulation tools,- removal of Advertisements.To come in next versions :- categories manager (ordering, customizing),- unities manager (customizing),- Needs may be added in a punctual way without creating Article before,- tools to share lists via bluetooth or mail without databases manipulations,- synchronization through a web portal,- existing category icons prettier,- new translations (probably Portuguese), improvements of existing translations,- and many more.... Please, consult to know all about features to come

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