NBC Protection Tactics


Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Protection Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Military and Civilian Agencies: This publication is designed for use at the tactical and operational level. It defines the roles of military units and staffs involved in the planning and execution of military operations in apossible nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) environment. This manual provides multiservice tactics, techniques, and procedures (MTTP) for NBC protection. It addresses individual and collective protection (COLPRO) considerations for protection of the force and civilian personnel protection considerations. It addresses the risk management that occurs when determining what NBC protection measures could be considered to mitigate the risk of operations in an NBC environment. The planning and coordination for NBC protection takes place with the realization that the potential NBC environment could be one in which there is deliberate or accidental employment of NBC weapons, deliberate or accidental attacks or contamination with toxic industrial material (TIM), or deliberate or accidental attacks or contamination with radiological materials. TABLE OF CONTENTS: CHAPTER I NUCLEAR, BIOLOGICAL, AND CHEMICAL PROTECTION; CHAPTER II PREATTACK, DURING-ATTACK, AND POSTATTACK PROTECTIVE ACTIONS; CHAPTER III OPERATIONS IN UNIQUE ENVIRONMENTS; CHAPTER IV MISSION-ORIENTED PROTECTIVE POSTURE ANALYSIS; CHAPTER V SUSTAINED OPERATIONS IN A NUCLEAR, BIOLOGICAL, AND CHEMICAL ENVIRONMENT; CHAPTER VI INDIVIDUAL PROTECTION; CHAPTER VII COLLECTIVE PROTECTION; APPENDIX A NUCLEAR, BIOLOGICAL, AND CHEMICAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT; APPENDIX B GUIDELINES FOR THE NUCLEAR, BIOLOGICAL, AND CHEMICAL PORTION OF A COLLECTIVE PROTECTION STANDING OPERATING PROCEDURE; APPENDIX C HUMAN FACTORS EFFECTS OF MISSION-ORIENTED PROTECTIVE POSTURE; APPENDIX D RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION; APPENDIX E TOXIC INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS-AN ASSESSMENT OF NUCLEAR, BIOLOGICAL, AND CHEMICAL FILTER PERFORMANCE; APPENDIX F NONCOMBATANT EVACUATION OPERATIONS; APPENDIX G NUCLEAR, BIOLOGICAL, AND CHEMICAL DEFENSE EQUIPMENT DATA; APPENDIX H WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION THREATS USING POSTAL MAIL/ PACKAGES; APPENDIX I PROTECTIVE MASK PRESCRIPTION OPTICAL INSERTS; APPENDIX J ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE PROTECTION CONSIDERATIONS

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