NCAA Football Weekly Matchups


Football Enthusiast,Need help picking the winners of each weeks college football games in your football pool? This application will retrieve the latest NCAA college football information such a the weekly schedule and live scoreboard, the NCAA standings for all Division 1A and Division 11A schools, the weekly poll rankings, the current betting line and the top offensive team statistics for each team for each week. It will retreive the latest information every time you make a selection from the main screens for each selection.The weekly schedule will retrieve the latest weekly schedule with results of games played and the times and TV networks of upcoming games. The weekly scoreboard will retrieve up-to-the-minute scores from all Division 1A and Division 11A schools when the games are in progress. The NCAA standings will retrieve the current NCAA standings for all Division 1A and Division 11A schools including each teams wins, losses, ties and their conference and overall records with the team’s points for and points against. The weekly poll rankings will retrieve the AP, USA coaches the ESPN power rankings, and when available the BCS, Harris and Legend polls. The teams last week ranking is also listed as previous ranking as well as their current record. The current betting line will retrieve the opening and up-to-the-minute current odds from And the team statistics will retreive the top ranked team statistics for offense including yards, yards/game, passing yards, passing yards/game, rushing yards, rushing yards/game, points and points/game for NCAA teams.

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