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"nenpi β(Car Management)" is an application that manages your car.Easily keep track of your cars fuel consumption.You can also record a lot of maintenance. Displays the age and distance from the recording date.Save money by tracking your fuel consumption, costs and maintenances.-Features*Can manage any number*Easy input*Managing the maintenance records*Bookmark function*Hidden feature advertising (fee required)*Image storage (Camera / Gallery)*Automatic Backup*Backup*Restoration*Installation to SD card*Gallery functionsGraph function (fee required)※You can hide the ads on the app billing, credit card payment can not be purchased outside. Please wait while the corresponding Android Market.※The configuration is initialized, the problem is a problem or not stored at the terminal with a Samsung Android 2.2.1. "Initialize the system memory" that may be fixed by, so even those who relapse Irasshaimasu and at your own risk.-Related ApplicationsFuelLog – Car Management/Fuel Friend Lite/eco fuel gauge/uel Watch WESTERN AUSTRALIA/My Cars/Car Maintenance Reminder Pro/Fuel Use/GasRecord/fuel economy (mileage)/aCar – Track your vehicles/HUDY lite/Carango – Car Management/RideWrite/Moto/Bike Maintenance Recorder/HARLEY DAVIDSON-Update HistoryVer1.3.4*Supports more than 55 countries of the world currency*Change the display of the amountVer1.3.2-Ver1.3.3*Sort function of maintenance management (fee required)Ver1.3.1*Add a graph maintenance*Change the screen when you first start transition*Change timing automatic backups*Supports SpanishVer1.3.0*Graph of fuel consumption function (fee required)*Supports RussianVer1.2.9*Corresponding to the SD card installed (Google Licensing Service)*dd Gallery featureVer1.2.8*Supports removal of maintenance management*Supports removal of car*Reduced memoryVer1.2.7*Change IconVer1.2.6*Deletion of the EULA at initial start-up*Supports Simple display of carVer1.2.3-Ver1.2.5*Add features allow us to calculate fuel consumption from the trip meter*Fixed a picture of is not restored when restoring*Delete the translation function (and nenpi β is a function not directly related)Ver1.2.2*Rotation of the backup file*Add the translation function (and nenpi β is a function not directly related)*Add a EULAVer1.2.1*Change the design*Add exception handling to screen TOPVer1.2.0*Add function so you can add an item of maintenance managementVer1.1.9*Change the size of Samuneru save*Bug fix of time to replace*Bug fix of fuel consumptionVer1.1.8*Bug fix for recording lubrication*Memory Reduction*Screen to change the delivery of data betweenVer1.1.7*Automatic backup support*Bug fix – Image StorageVer1.1.6*Supports FrenchVer1.1.5*When maintenance records · Fixed bug fixes*Information bug fix carVer1.1.4*Numeric input layout changesVer1.1.2-Ver1.1.3*Can be set per unit of distance and car lubricationVer1.1.1*Image is selected bug fixesVer1.1.0*Bug fix maintenance managementVer1.0.9*Additional maintenance management functionsVer1.0.8*Italy-languageVer1.0.7*Bug fix*Language support GermanyVer1.0.6*Information Add Item to My CarVer1.0.5*Image Saving AdditionVer1.0.4*Advertising Hide*Date dialog bug fixVer1.0.3*Multi-lingualVer1.0.1 – Ver1.0.2*corresponding ads

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