Neo BusTycoon V2.0 Special Edt


You had so many popular Tycoon games completely new busBy job offers.The game itself is similar to the existing, but now on his own gameMake, and put it on the server, allowing the other party has share.Now, create your own bus routes, see the world and share it with friends.American Bus, Germany, buses, British buses in Australia bus so the bus routes around the worldCan see you.Features of the game.1. Completely different from existing programs written internal logic (cocos2D acceleration)2. Includes realistic sounds3. Add a variety of events (alarms when an obstacle, baekmilreo fully reproduced)4. Significantly improve the passenger animation5. Quick one finger to make them fully built-in map editor, and let’s As soon as the server to upload this and share the full range6. Bus number, route name, create your own features …7. Changes in the weather to reproduce your eyes, rain, clouds reproduce.8. Games-related community sites to provide information-sharingMore future updates will provide the background and itemThank you.Enjoy the game completely changed.

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