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Tracking when your baby grows up, recording and sharing your love memory with your relatives and friends.Neobaby is a brand new application which helps Asian parents easily log their baby’s activities with photo capture, short words and etc.Otherwise, User could instantly sharing the messages in Sina Weibo. In addition, you could get knowledges or introduction to take care your baby in time.Neobaby records APP is one of the best baby care and growth record application in 2013.Featured in 2012 Innovation Works APP store in China.We won the Top 10 of selected good APPs in 2012 Chrysler Cup "entrepreneurs" dark horse contest in Hangzhou, China.Seven magic features of Neobaby APP:? Easily manage Baby’s photos but reluctant to discard it, etc., you can easily import into application can also be quickly share with your friends by Sina Weibo and Tencent weibo.? Easily record your baby’s height, weight, the most authoritative growth monitoring data reference. ? Easily record baby’s break up , babbling and Funny action, there are lots of cute diary seal diary to help you classify the diary, easy Scroll and search for somewhat.? Paternity camera with sound indication, photographing auxiliary interesting animal sounds, multiple clips of fast shooting, to capture the baby moments with permanent sweet memories.? Easily notice you recording each of the baby’s milestone "the first time" experience, presented in the form of multil-media magazine.? Quick sharing baby’s news to social media, whether you want, you could select to be public or private.? Treasure Box, the parenting knowledge was carefully selected by the the Hangzhou baby Association of maternal and child experts "exclusive Parenting Tips from physical health, catering to family games, exciting content rich.Specification: support iOS6.0 and iphone5.Official miniblogging: website: of-Technical Support mail adress: neobaby@neocross.cnQQ exchange group: 228051338

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