Nerd Detector


A geek among your friends, point it out with Nerd Detector.Fool your friends, just play with angle of the phone to change beep frequency.Detects all types of Nerds: those of Basket Ball NBA and Robert or Blake Griggin looking feverishly for their TV program to not miss a single match on ISPN and ABC NBC or CBS! Most Geek will certainly re-watch those hoops on Youtube or Dailymotion. But most fans of NBA will dpstream ot tevo.But the comfort zone of this toy is the true geek as wikipedia introduces , these guy who only listens pandora, spotify or only search for translation on google or only phone via skype.Needless to track down the Geeks at the Job search agency, disney world, or the platforms of the AMTRAK or subway , or even in the yellow pages! But thanks to this Nerd detector, identify them at the post office or the bank office or in stores. Check that vendors are competent at wallmart or bestbuy! It has already been tested at home depot and even in ikea and it works. Otherwise, try to challenge users on ebay or e-commerce sites. Vendors sites and amazon cdiscount or Starbucks.It’s not a playstation game, and it will not give you your way unlike mappy gps michelin or even less the weather!You can share this on twitter or android ngames, post it on Facebook, or via your mail hotmail (msn) or Yahoo mail or google gmail.In summary, an indispensable application for your smartphone or tablet android! You can download the apk on samsung galaxy s3, galaxy note, HTC, Sony and whatever your phone operator, like AT&T Verizon or Sprint! This app is compatible with versions android Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) as well as earlier versions such as Gingerbread. This Android app does not rely on flash player from adobe, and no need to root your phone, or search for this app google play outside the store. This app does not use the keyboard.

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