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DeveloperTed Percival
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Nerts is a multi-player card game similar to Spit/Speed & Klondike Solitaire. Play against two challenging AI opponents.Gameplay is turn-based giving you a chance to find the best move, and your score is shown in real-time - no more counting cards at the end of a game!Each player has a Nerts Pile of 13 cards, four working piles, and the remains of the deck. There is also a common area where cards are played in suit order, starting with Aces. The goal is to empty your Nerts pile before any other player, by playing cards in descending red-black sequences on your working piles (like Klondike), and playing cards onto the shared piles before your AI opponents.Nerts is known by many other names including Nertz, Pounce, Racing Demon, Peanuts and Squeal.

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