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The classic Net Big 2 is back! Still remember those good old days? :) It's back right here in the Android Market, with better UI and improved logic.Features:- Play with your friends over Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G connections.- Quick-select buttons help you to easily select any valid card combinations.- Instant save and resume, you can always quit in the midst of a game without losing progress.- Win various tournament matches and collect golden cards.- Supports both portrait and landscape display mode(WVGA+ only).- Hong Kong style rules and scoring.- Tablet friendly.*For those who concern about the "Read phone state and identity" permission, it is only used for device-connection mapping purpose in network mode.Big 2 / Big Two, also known as Big Deuce, Deuces (大老二, 鋤大D in Chinese), Top Dog, Da Lao Er, Sho Tai Ti, Choh Dai Di, Cap Sa, Pusoy Dos, etc. is a very popular poker game that originated from Asia, it is especially popular in Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. It's played by 4 players, the objective of the game is to be the first to get rid of the cards.Change log:===1.0.1, 1.0.2Fixed occasional force close problem on certain device.1.0.3A. Fixed occasional force close problem during game start upB. Minor UI tweak1.0.5A. Added no playable hand indicatorB. UI tweakC. Fixed force close problem after switching full screen mode1.0.6A. Added 10 rounds optionB. Added option to disable quick-select buttonsC. Fixed occasional crash problem when trying to restore a saved game on certain devices.1.0.7A. Added auto pass option.B. Added install to SD card feature.C. Added link to Net Big 2 fb page.1.1.0Added option to unlock wallpapers by rating this app.1.1.1Fixed the game restore bug (finally!) that affected some users.1.1.2Fix for 720p+ HD devices.1.1.3A. Fixed LAN interface crashing problem on 4.0+ devices.B. Fixed a layout display flaw on WVGA devices.1.1.5A. Fixed the bug of unable to restore a saved network game.B. Better HD display support (launcher icon, items, title graphics).1.1.7A. Layout fix for tablets & HD+ devices.B. Disabled screen timeout while playing.C. Added link to purchase full version.D. Minor bug fixes and performance enhancement.1.1.8Added score track record button.1.1.9A. Minor bug fixes.B. Updated to latest Android library, better compatibility and performance enhancement.1.1.20UI fixes for Android 4.1 (a.k.a. Jelly Bean) and tablets.

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