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Netmemo Voice Recorder for GTD

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Quickly record short voice messages and have them delivered to your e-mail inbox as mp3-attachments!Netmemo is for those moments on-the-go when you think of something but don't have time to write it down: start Netmemo, speak and send. The recorded sound file is delivered to your e-mail inbox so you can listen to it later. If you're a fan of GTD (Getting Things Done), Netmemo is a great way to clear your mind when items, ideas and issues pop up.The premium version of Netmemo ("Netmemo Plus") has the following additional features:★ Fully automatic sending of voice notes -- no further user interaction required after clicking "Send"★ Customizable home screen shortcuts, each with its own destination address and subject/message settings★ Upload voice notes directly to DropboxNetmemo's goal:★ To let you record voice notes and have them delivered to your e-mail inbox with a minimum of clicks and interaction! Watch the demonstration video to see just how quickly a voice note can be recorded.Netmemo's non-goals:★ To be a regular voice recorder/player that saves the files on your phone or tablet. There are many other excellent apps for Android that serve this purpose.Netmemo can record to medium and high quality versions of mp3 and wav.If you are using the web version of Gmail, you can play your mp3 recordings directly in your browser -- no need to download any files!Keywords: Recorder, Recording, Email, E-mail, Me, Mail, Note, Memo, Reminder, Remind, Voice, Self, Myself, Yourself, GTD, Task, SMTP, Gmail, G-mail, Automatic, Attachment, Dropbox

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