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More science fiction plot lines than you can shake a stick at!This amazing app mashes up random elements into a single-sentence plot line that can help creative writers overcome writer’s block. There are trillions of possible combinations. Not all of them are guaranteed to make perfect sense, but the creative parts of your brain will heat up as you try to make sense of the plot lines. It’s a cognitive dissonance thing. Save plots that interest you and rate them using a five-star touch-bar.Use it as a cure for writer’s block, or just some good random diversion. You might find a good creative writing prompt. Who knows, maybe you will stumble on an idea that will be your own Next Big Thing.Interface features:DICE BUTTON – generates random story line for your review.SPEAK BUTTON – sends the story line to the voice synthesizer.STACK ADD BUTTON – sends story line into temporary storage stack.STACK DELETE BUTTON – purges currently displayed story line from the storage stack.RATE STARS – lets you rate the story line in 1 to 5 stars.STACK UP BUTTON – cursors up the storage stack to display stored story line.STACK DOWN BUTTON – cursors down the storage stack to display stored story line.FREE ADVICE BUTTON – to recalibrate your common sense should your brain run off kilter.NOTE: This application is not pre-configured with a set number of stories. The Verdoofd Story-Line Amalgamator takes ten random components for each sentence and configures them into randomly selected syntactic patterns. Every seed is different. The mathematical possibilities are in the trillions.This SCIFI version contains elements from a broad sampling of many sub-genres, including space opera, biomedical thriller, futuristic technology and others. Because of this, although most of the story lines are syntactically plausible, their logical plausibility is subject to random chance. Depending on your sense of humor or appetite for nonsense, the least plausible are often at least entertaining.

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