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This app includes sound clips from all of your favorite characters from Next Friday! Some of the sounds included are:"She knows about all the bootleg snacks!.." - Day-Day"Got me a jizzob!" - Day-Day"Ho Kim, muddafucka" - Ho Kim"Me and your mama tryin to walk around nekkid!" - Mr Jones"Imma show y'all who the real Puff Daddy is!" - Uncle Elroy"I'm an Aztec warrior!" - Joker"Them ain't 20's..." - Day-Day & Craig.. and many more!Let me know if I'm missing any of your favorite clips by leaving a comment, or using the in-app help to tweet or email me. Here are the permissions I request and why:HARDWARE CONTROLS CHANGE YOUR AUDIO SETTINGS: I set the app so that it controls Media Volume instead of Ringtone Volume. If I didn't set this, it would only allow you to set the Media Volume while a soundclip is playing. YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WRITE CONTACT DATA READ CONTACT DATA: Both of the Contact permissions are because the app the has ability to set a sound as a Contact ringtone. I need to be able to read/write contact data to do that.STORAGE MODIFY/DELETE USB STORAGE CONTENTS MODIFY/DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS: I need SD access to have somewhere to save the ringtones to. I don't modify or delete anything else.SYSTEM TOOLS MODIFY GLOBAL SYSTEM SETTINGS CHANGE YOUR UI SETTINGS: Both of the above permissions are because the app has the abillity to change your default Ringtone/Notification.

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