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Nightjar is a secure File Browser aimed to be fast, lightweight and functional. Nigthjar is able to encrypt your files using AES encryption(Quote: AES is the first publicly accessible and open cipher approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret information(see wikipedia)).This means you choose a password and Nigthjar scrambles your files with this password as a key , so that no one can view the data. For example you can prevent private data from being viewed by persons who get access to your phone accidentaly or on purpose. Or imagine your mobile gets stolen(we sure hope it doesnt).The thieve could get secret information about you , or your job.This are just some made up cases in which Nightjar would help you to secure your data, what we try to say is: Be on the save side , use Nightjar to protect your data!Note that this is a BETA version. All of the functionality is implemented , and the program runs stable. But now we need YOU for stress testing. If you find a bug , or just want to improve something mail at or leave a comment below. Help us to make Nightjar the best Browser for Android. THANK YOU!Features:-Highest Standart AES de/encryption.-fast-easy to use-clear looks without disturbing graphics and folderol-all standart file brower features , and more.Usage:To enter a folder or open a file, just tap on its name. To go one dir up press the back button on your mobile. To select files just tap on their icons.Then press the Menu button on your mobile. A menu will appear. In this Menu you can chose an action that will be performed on all selected items. To exit Nightjar just press the home button on your mobile. If you exit Nightjar this way it will run in background and you dont have to enter your password when you come back, but dont leave your mobile alone,everyone could decrypt your files now. If you want to close Nightjar, press the back button on your mobile until you reach the start screen. Your encrypted files are save now. Nobody can view them without your password. Have Fun!!Tags: file , files , browser , browsing , secure , security , explorer , explore , AES , encryption , decryption , save , night , jar , Nightjar , lightweigth , fast , easy , smart , filemanager , hide , hidden

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