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We are a dedicated group of paranormal investigators hailing mostly from the South Shore of Massachusetts. We pride ourselves on being hard working, dedicated and here to assist our clients-other teams and the paranormal community as a whole. We have come together to seek out the "truth" as so many other groups are currently attempting to do. We will NEVER fake evidence (where does that get you truly) and we promise to give all information that NPS has captured be it good/bad to our clients, so that they get the whole picture of what NPS was able to capture during our investigation of their location. BE IT KNOWN that NPS is a bunch of "skeptics" we will go through hell and high water to "disprove" anything and everything first. If we cannot..then what we are left with will be addressed. We feel that this is the only honest approach for all involved.WE do not claim now or at anytime that NPS will REMOVE spirits from your home. We do have other types of teams in this field that would be able to assist you if this is the road that needs to be taken. We will however run our investigation and try to determine what our best route of course should be for all involved.CHILDREN come first and foremost with NPS so if you are dealing with what you might believe to be a "paranormal/haunting " feel free to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP to try to assist you and your family/friend get the answer they deserve.BEWARE: there are ALOT of teams out there that want to believe "everything" is haunted. We at NPS will NEVER deem a location "haunted" unless we have either audio/video evidence to back up our claims. We hope that you enjoy your time at our website.

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