Ninja against Zombies II


????? DOWNLOAD THIS FREE GAME TODAY ?????HOW TO PLAY : TAP THE LEFT SIDE OF THE SCREEN TO JUMP AND TAP THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SCREEN TO SHOOT. After clearing out the beaches of your island, it’s time to get in the forest and find the sources of thoses zombies, there is not enough population in the ninja tribes to produce that much zombies. It must come from somewhere deep in the jungle.All tribes has combined their forces in this never ending war. The best fighters and warriors of each tribes has united and form a new force.The most amazing thing happen during your first war against the zombies, one of them wasn’t hostile toward the ninjas, he even seem a bit more intelligent than the usual living dead. He decide to choose your camp to fight the zombie invasion.The Wolf Tribe have fallen, they now are Zombies, and even their faithful wolf companion have fallen too, we didn’t think it was possible, but even animals are affected by this curse. You’ll have to fight those who were once your friends. You know help isn’t coming, so you’ll fight this alone and end it once and for all !

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