Ninja Shooter


If you like Pandas vs Ninjas, you’ll love this game! Prepare for hours of fun with this creative twist on the classic game Bubble Shooter!The feud between Pandas and Ninjas is very old. So old in fact, that no oneremembers when it started.We do however remember what’s more sacred… The Panda. And that just meansone thing, those sneaky and violent Ninjas NEED to go! With your help, we can get rid ofthe nasty Ninjas, preserve our lovely peace-loving Pandas, and protect their freedom!One of the Best Games inspired by Kung Fu Panda movies! MATCH THREE OR MORE NINJAS OF THE SAME COLOR TO REMOVE THEM FROM THE FIELD, EARNING POINTS FOR EACH REMOVED NINJA. REMEMBER,PANDAS ARE YOUR FRIENDS, SO TRY TO KEEP AS MANY OF THEM AS POSSIBLE, THIS WAY YOU WILL GET HIGHER SCORE! GOODLUCK AND LET THE FUN BEGIN!

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