Ninja’s Ascent Free


Ninja jump your way up the falling fireballs, rubble, UFOs, and other things in order to ascend to new heights! Dodge fireballs! Grab power ups to get out of sticky situations! This new, casually addictive game will get you through any boring situation. Tap your way to space or beyond in order to rack up points and put your name on the high score board. Oh, and ninja jump some more. You can even ninja jump your way into propane tanks, wouldn’t you want to know what would happen? Who doesn’t like ninja jumping?Controls:- TAP where you want to go.- LATCH onto objects. Then you can jump off of them.- There are no double jumps.- Collide with power ups to attain them.- Arrows at the top of the screen warn you of fireballs.** FAQ **Q: Why does this app need internet access?A: For submitting scores to the high score board and receiving said scores. Also, the banner ad at the bottom of the screen.

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