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*********************** 刃を交えしは血肉で語り合うことと等しきなり 首を掻き切れば雪化粧に血化粧 腹を割けば腸がこぼれ落ち 手首叩けばぼとりと落ちる 心の臓を突けば命の灯火ふと消える 椿の花は冬に咲き、春を前にころりと落ちる ああ、命は儚し切なし、美しい ***********************[Pay version]Usable Character 8 =>16[Facebook page]*********************** This is Single combat Action game of "Chanbara" & "Samurai Sword", for one person. 1 HIT, 1 KILL Only 1 HIT decides victory or defeat. *********************** 16 Character exists. (Only 8 character are Usable in free ver.)A specialist of "Iai", "Fu-Jin". Woman using a tall sword, "Busuhime". A specialist of "Sikomidsue iai", "Tuchigumo". A two-sword master, "Nuemaru" A small sword samurai, an assassin, "Kuchiinu". An offensive samurai, "Raizoh". An tricky assassin, using two sickle, "Dakatsumaru". A steady spearman, "Mamushibara". A wild swordman of GOKUDO, "Kiyoshi".(usable in pay version)A Naginata sister 1st, "Hisame".(usable in pay version)A Naginata sister 2nd, "Samidare".(usable in pay version)A two-shortsword master in one eye, "Hiiragi".(usable in pay version)An old sword master, Go-no-sen, "Kudan".(usable in pay version)A mysterious robot fighter, "Droid".(usable in pay version)A fatal sword woman, "Hibachi".(usable in pay version)A traditional kendo man with snake eyes, "Saburoh".(usable in pay version)*********************** Control method is Simple. If do nothing, player character walk to his suitable distance. Flick to up/down/right, you attack enemy. Flick to left, back step to keep distance or evade a stroke. Your sword bump against enemy's sword, you succeed a defence, even if you stand or walk, or attack. But this is incomplete defence, both you and enemy lose balance. if you push "Defence" button, not losing balance, you protect against, from all attacks. The former called "PassiveDefence", the latter called "Active Defence" on this game. 2013/02/10"Survival Mode" added.With web score-ranking system.*********************** planner:B.cos & Ryo Graphics:B.cos programming:B.cos Sounds:ザ・マッチメイカァズ MyPage: *********************** Later, we add more characters, and collect infomations to make better. I think, this game system is already enough. If accept bag report, I keep up with it, but if bug fix is impossible, I may give up. At that time, so sorry. *********************** 【keyword】 武士道,日本刀,チャンバラ,野太刀,二刀流,仕込み杖,槍,小太刀,陣鎌,居合い,片手平突き,侍,忍者,示現流,蜻蛉の構え,bushido,samurai,sword,katana,kodachi,nodachi,spear,sickle,chanbara,ninja,shinobi,Jigen-ryu

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