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---- Outline ----It may suffer great damage, if it leaves. When you forget and notice important presentation data, there may be failing to catch the matter of tens of thousands of dollars etc. We would like to lower such probability as much as possible. A personal digital assistant is used and there is the method of lowering simply the probability of leaving. What is necessary is just to display the list of things to bring on the screen at the regular time. now, the probability of leaving is markedly alike and falls. ---- Introduction ----People act at the about regular time. Almost all persons move in same time every day so that it may say that he occurs at a morning and goes out for commuting. And it already has the "peculiarity" checked at the regular time. But it leaves. If a special thing occurs, he will forget time having been lost and having been panicked in the morning, saying that he was half asleep, when soothing the child etc. by mistake.And only within the day, it is an important thing. And it will be that everyone experienced, such as being scolded by a boss and the customer. But supposing the number of what is brought is one every day, how is it? Only one is about a personal digital assistant. We will not forget probably. And what is brought today is writing there. It may be put into a bag. How much is the probability of incidentally leaving? Suppose that he leaves one thing in 100 times once. Suppose that it will average on the 1st and brings five things. The probability of leaving in one day will be about 5%. If becoming it on the 365th, the probability of leaving will exceed what and 99.999%. Although the probability which he will forget in 365 days will be about 97% when bringing a thing only one on the 1st, As for the thing with a special situation, this probability becomes very low. The key of a house and a personal digital assistant hit it. Isn't there any hand of not using it? ---- Caution ----The data of the FREE version cannot usually be shifted to a version.

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