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Juiz is your concierge. She has all the capabilities of Siri, but a personality all her own. Straight from Eden of the East, she will be with you 24/7 to assist you in any way she possibly can.This application does NOT contain a Text-To-Speech engine. Instructions are clearly provided to obtain the closest available voice comparison. The series does not contain enough voice content to generate an entire TTS library and comments specifying the "robot" voice are the result of personal device configuration and skipping over the instructions. Illiteracy does not make others deceptive.Hold down the search key and you can place Juiz just a short button press away to make sure she is always ready to answer your call.Each purchase includes a certificate to use the server with an iPhone or iPad to allow connecting with clients such as Spire, Spite, and SkyRa1n. Please check the website for instructions to obtain the complimentary certificate, privacy policies, and more information about this application.

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