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Nooly Micro Weather predicts the Exact Minute Rain or snow will start, the exact time light rain turns into thunderstorm conditions and when exactly the storm will end. Each one of Nooly's Predictions is for an area of 0.4 square miles! ** In this version we fixed the back button issues and some other usability problems we had in the previous versions (for additional known bugs, please see the open issues below) **. Nooly predicts the minute rain starts Only in the Continental US and South parts of Canada.If you are looking for an Accurate Weather Forecast you should download Nooly (it’s FREE). Because Nooly was developed by top American and European weather scientists, it involves new and experimental technologies. Developed by the Nooly team, some of these predictions were available until now only to the FAA, NASA and other Federal agencies. Using Nooly, you can have access to these predictions as well.Nooly is arguably the world most accurate Short-range Weather App that predicts the Exact Time Rain will Start and end (5 Minute Accuracy) for every neighborhood / road or district in the Continental US. The app covers more than 30 million different locations within a 0.4 square mile radius and can predict when light rain will become a thunderstorm, when snow will fall and when ice rain will end up at your doorstep. The app aims to predict the weather for every road, park, school, golf course and all places that pique your curiosity. The app and its predictions are updated automatically every 5 minutes!The application presents the user with Cutting Edge Technology and breakthrough algorithms that represent a scientific breakthrough in the field of cloud physics and meteorology, It is Futuristic and Experimental at the same time. It took us few years of hard scientific and algorithmic work to develop this wander. Now, after long testing periods, we find Nooly to be highly accurate and extremely reliable. But you be the judge and allow us via your extremely valuable feedback in the name of science, to contribute to our effort of developing even more accurate weather prediction algorithms that will, among other benefits, accurately predict extreme weather conditions such as hail, hurricanes and tornadoes.Please note, the app is currently predicting the weather for the continental US and South Canada, only. It is available worldwide for your convenience but will work only in predicting US and Canadian weather.When using the app remember; it is a work in progress and you are one of the first in the world to experience such accurate forecast. Mistake in the predictions may happen, please update us exactly where, when and how our prediction where not accurate. We will appreciate any suggestions, improvements or even feature you would like to see in future versions. We will do our best to address your requests and we thank you for your valuable feedback.The current version is provided to you with all of it’s features Free Of Charge !In future versions Nooly intend to turn the micro weather application (part of it or as a whole) into paid app.Open issues:*My location don’t work very well inside buildings; outside of a building the app uses GPS and finding users location is accurate. However, while indoors (when GPS is not available), the app may find it hard to get good fix on your location and will show the White-house.*Pinch-to-zoom on the map don’t work; this problem is related to your Android version. Google fixed this issue in Ice-cream Sandwich (V. 4).*Hourly forecast missing temperature and other parameters. On the hourly screen, just tap on the relevant hour.* Sluggishness; we are working on boosting up our servers.* Maps load slowly; these are Google maps on HTML5, we are looking into other (faster) alternatives.please write to us to with any questions or a problem.Please stay tune for future and improved versions.The Nooly team.

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