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Would you like to save your notes and memos to the calendar? NoteCalendar is for you! You can select one post-it for your memo and add it to the calendar.You can see checkbox to each note(memo) in the list of the note(memo) screen. Check it when it is done then check mark will appear in the list of the calendar.※Pay version:No ads displayWhen the note(memo) is saved, the post-it appears on the date that you select, and you can see whether it has note(memo) or not at one view.Take notes and memos, save them to the calendar, check and confirm them on the NoteCalendar!1) Setting: You can customize the calendar.2) Password: Set the password to protect the data.1) Add Button: Use this button when you add note(memo). *Please see below how to add note(memo).2) Today Button: Go back to the today's date.3) & 4) Left & Right Button: Move the date right to left.5) List Button: See the list of the memos.1) Select the date you want to save note(memo) and tap the [Add Button].2) The edit screen appears. Tap the screen then keybord appears.3) Write memos and tap [Post-it] above the screen and select the color of post-it for the note(memo).4) Press [Return] of your mobile and see the calendar. You can see the saved memos in the list.1) Tap this button to move the selected note(memo) to the previous day.2) Tap this button to move the selected note(memo) to the next day.3) Post-it: You can select the color of post-it for your note(memo). It has 5 colors.4) Delete Button: Delete the note(memo).1) Go back to the calendar, select one saved note(memo) from the list.2) The list of the note(memo) screen with checkboxes appears.3) Check the note(memo).4) Go back to the calendar. You can see the check mark in the list. Easy to recognize which memo's todo is done or not at one view.1) You can see all the note(memo) in the list.2) Tap one date to see the saved memos.3) Select one color of post-it from the bottom to switch the list by its color.

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