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Edit text files of UNLIMITED size! Search (with wildcards!), replace, undo, redo, HTML mode, Text to speech, full customizability, and more!Important! 2013-02-20I just encountered this sudden bug on my SGS3. Cut and Copy buttons will crash my phone everytime in any version of NTW Lite or Pro.So after some digging, I found that there is a bug in how certain phone models especially Samsung’s implements the clipboard.The temporary solution is either a factory reset, or to do this:1. boot into recovery > advanced > wipe cache2. reboot phone > ES Explorer (enable root mode)> delete /data/clipbord/*3. reboot recovery again > advanced > fix permissions4. reboot phone > it’s fine again, but until Samsung fixes their firmware, the same problem will eventually recur for apps that implement their own cut/copy/paste buttons.Referenceshttp://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-s3/565061-galaxy-s3-crashing-when-copying-text-clipboard.html#post4724673http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=35732http://veetipaananen.fi/dear-samsung-please-fix-your-clipboard/NTW loads small chunks of the file at a time. Size is no longer a limitation and yet performance remains high. NTW bookmarks your editing progress for every file. NTW’s Shelf interface can keep track of every file, much like a Tasks app on steroids.Comes with both English interface and ?????? optionsIf you are upgrading, you should save the files you are editing with NTW first.Paid version mainly adds lotsa poweruser options, not essential, but looks very useful right ;D1) Remembers up to 9999 undo/redo operations2) Control over the End-Of-Line characters (Apple, Unix and Windows tend to handle different End-Of-Line differently when doing plain text editing)3) Allows user to specify buffer size4) Allows custom fonts and background images5) Allows user to customize 6 extra Themes in addition to the built-in 3 Themes.6) Allows toggling of word wrap7) Continuous Text to Speech in paid version. Free version will play single paragraphs, then stop until play button is pressed again.Features:- Edits text files of any size by loading small segments of the file at a time. To navigate between file segments, either use the goTo command, or tap the arrow icons on the top left and right corners.- Text to speech synthesizer!- Supports HTML view! And allows text justification along both left and right- Shelf system that works like a sortable Task list.- Save/autosave and auto bookmark/backup features works in the background so your changes are never lost, but neither are you forced to irrevocably save changes you still feel ambiguous about. – Undo/Redo, Search(with full *wildcards* functionality! :D) and Replace, GoTo.- Themes! Customizable display, fonts, and colors for both paid and free versions. And for the paid version, you can even specify your own background images and custom fonts.- supports multiple encodings including, ISO8859-_, windows 125_, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.- Work with text files for easy transfer between your phone and PC.- End of Line control when saving- Toggleable word wrapStartup CrashesIf NTW crashes after you update your firmware to ICS, this is due to directory restructuring by ICS, thus clashing with NTW’s own log data. Simply delete the /.NeedToWrite folder to fix this.If you encounter any other startup crashes, either switch to a smaller(<1MB) image file for your background image, or install TTS for your phone. Its free on the Android market.Text to speech for SVOX classic will only work if you enable both the SVOX Classic engine under your phone’s TTS settings, as well as enable Language Override inside SVOX Classic TTS settings.TTS with SVOX is buggy for IceCream Sandwich, users are advised to use Google’s own built in TTS engine.For more information, pls refer to Help in the menu.Don’t hesitate to email me if you still have problems.

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